Nurture a better tomorrow.

Running our business in ways that preserve our shared planet is a responsibility we take very seriously. You can see it in our tireless efforts to reduce waste, operate more energy efficient warehouses, truck fleets, and partner with farmers who employ environmentally sound agricultural practices that align with our own commitment to sustainability. We are always searching for new, innovative ways to secure a better future for our business, our loved ones, and the Earth.  Moreover, we actively encourage everyone who works with us to do the same. 

Farmer Program

We collect organic waste from our fresh cut/prepared foods as well as repack facilities which is repurposed as high-quality animal feed for water buffalo in Carver Oregon. Additionally, we donate excess waste to a farm in Kent, Washington for livestock feed. Please reach out to us if you are interested in picking up food waste for your farm.


We recycle tons of plastic film, plastic buckets, plastic pallets, cardboard, and corner boards from our warehouses each month. We use paperless systems for our payroll, invoicing, picking, and ordering systems. In addition, we recycle office paper, waxed and corrugated cardboard, plastic wrap, pallet wood, hard plastic, metal and more. In addition, electronic devices that are removed from our service are donated for reuse or recycled appropriately.