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We are founded on the importance of taking care of family, and for three generations we've continued to connect farms to families by creating trusted relationships. 


our values & culture

Our business is driven by the unique needs of each customer. The variety of fresh produce
we source, the range of requests that require special prep, our promise to always come
through, no matter the hour—they’re all part of a customer-first approach based on agility and

In 1977 Pacific Coast Fresh Company (originally named Pacific Coast Fruit Company) opened its doors.

Emil Nemarnik immigrated to the United States from Italy at the age of 10, leaving his family of 12 behind. He began his produce career working in a grocery store to pay his way through college, where he also met his future wife, Kathleen Spada. After graduating, he continued to work in the produce industry buying, selling, and brokering produce until 1976 when the company he worked for was sold. At the age of 50, he was out of work with five children to support and unsure of what the future held. To make matters worse, Emil was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and told his mobility would quickly decline. Undaunted, Emil mortgaged his house, sold his car, and found a bank that would lend him money.

In 1977 his hard work paid off and Pacific Coast Fresh Company opened its doors as the smallest produce distributor in Portland with eight employees, five of which were family members.

Take good care of your employees, customers, shippers and farmers and they will make you successful."

- Emil Nemarnik, Founder of Pacific Coast Fresh Company (originally named Pacific Coast Fruit Company)

Today Pacific Coast Fresh Company remains family-owned. David Nemarnik and Nancy Brugato, son and daughter of Emil and Kathleen Nemarnik, continue the family commitment to Service, Quality and Integrity as the values we live by.

Since opening, Pacific Coast Fresh Company has grown into one of the largest independently owned produce distributors in the Pacific Northwest. Today, Pacific Coast Fresh Company employs over 450 people spanning between three facilities- a 90,000 square foot warehouse and Fresh Cut center and the King Harvest Natural Foods facility in Portland, Oregon, and an 85,000 square foot warehouse in Kent, Washington.


The company remains family owned and operated by two of Emil and Kathleen’s children, David Nemarnik and Nancy Brugato. The family legacy continues on with the third generation, David Brugato, Director of King Harvest Natural Foods, a premier manufacturer of quality fresh hummus products under the King Harvest brand name owned by PCF. David is son to Tom Brugato, President of PCF, and Nancy Brugato.


As a family, we continue to grow with Emil’s time-tested recipe for success. We do this by always showing up, refusing to take no for an answer, and going above and beyond to meet the individual needs of every customer, farmer, and fellow employee. We firmly believe that we only succeed as a company if we all succeed together.  


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