Our Values & Culture


We thrive by helping others thrive. Our commitment to service sets us apart. We strive to outperform every other produce delivery company out there, with our fresh approach and relentless dedication. We support each other with the same vigor, recognizing that the success we help others achieve, both outside and within the company, is the best measure of our success. 


We go further every time by consistently exceeding customer expectations. Our product quality, knowledge and experience reinforce our legacy as a trusted provider. It’s why we go out of our way to over-deliver in everything we do.


We embrace accountability and transparency, which have been integral parts of our tradition since day one. We work hard to do the right thing for every person whose life we touch whether they are a customer, farmer, or a fellow employee. We believe that integrity creates trust, and trust is essential for building lasting partnerships. 

Each and every day we strive to carry on my parents' values of running a business: service, quality, and integrity.

- Nancy Brugato, Co-Owner Pacific Coast Fresh Co.


Nurture a better tomorrow.

purposeful Growth

Think big picture. always.


Help build a place where we all feel we belong.

We handle our business like we handle our produce: with care, consistency, & a healthy environment to grow

- Emil Nemarnik, Founder and Devoted Family Man