First Fruit Farms

About First Fruit Farms

First Fruits Farms is a premier grower, packer, and shipper with more than 10,000 acres of apples and cherries located in Prescott, Washington along the idyllic Snake River. They are a vertically integrated single grower system – a practice unmatched in the industry giving them greater control over the quality and safety of their apples and cherries. They also offer best-in-class pears grown and packed in the Pacific Northwest through their partner Stadelman Fruit. Their efforts are concentrated on maintaining a sustainable organization by taking care of their land, employees, and communities. With over fifty years in operation, First Fruits Farms is dedicated to growing exceptional fruit for families.

In North America, Opal Apples are exclusively grown by First Fruits Farms, making this variety extremely unique. Opal Apple is a cross between Topaz and Golden Delicious, giving it a bright yellow skin, crisp texture, and a sweet yet tangy flavor! Opal Apples are naturally non-browning and the first US apple variety to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. Opal Apple has proven itself to stand out against the sea of red apples and increase sales on retail shelves during its season from October-May.

Farm Highlights