Peter's Weekly Walkthrough

October 11, 2023


“I love this time of year with all its colors” has been heard more than once of late. It seems there are two types of “Fall” people. The first are infatuated with the bright color palette that you see. Gone are the tender greens of Spring and the robust colors of summer, they are replaced with vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. White seems to work its way into the mix as well. This “Fall” person will comment on every tree whose leaves have turned to a glowing red. We all have been in a car with this person. 


The other “Fall” person is waiting for one day. Their favorite day of the year is quickly approaching where they can get dressed up and be someone else. Goblins, witches, and all things scary are what excite the other “Fall” person.


Walking in the Warehouse, we see all the colors that make either type of “Fall” person happy. For those that like a variety, there is a 650 lb bin of Mixed Local Hard Squashes (22759- 1 BIG bin). It is filled to the rim with Delicata, Golden Acorn, White Acorn, Sweet Dumpling, Turban, Red and Blue Kuri and more. 

To get more in the spirit of the season and decorate, the Ornamental Gourds (26159-25 lb), We Be Little Pumpkins (21847-70/80 ct) and the Mini White Pumpkins (21851-40/50 ct) should do the trick. 

Call to action

Jairus, our Apple buyer, came up to the office lugging a case of new season Honeycrisp Apples- (25349-88 ct). He stated they were Washington Extra Fancy 2 grade. A little lopsided in the shape and such, they eat really well. Good crisp new season apple at a very good price.  Jairus liked the apple so much that he bought a case for his family. His wife grabbed the apples and made a Honeycrisp Apple Crumble Bar. This will keep everyone happy. I am partial to Pate Brisse Aka Shortcrust pastry as it is not as sweet. I suppose you could roll out the dough to ¼”, cut it out to fit the bottom of your pan, this always seems like too much effort. Sprinkling a layer in the bottom of the pan and pressing it into the corners is the short cut. Just make sure it is even across the bottom. Some would say to blind bake this, but It will be in the oven long enough to cook it thoroughly. Next peel, core and slice the Honeycrisp apples. Toss with 
a couple tablespoons of lemon juice, powdered sugar, flour, pinch of salt, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. The sugar to flour ratio is 2/3 sugar to 1/3 flour. This goes on top of the Shortcrust. Next comes the crumble topping- mix Oats, Unsalted butter, equal parts flour and brown sugar, and a bit of salt and good amount of Cinnamon in a bowl. Suppose you could do this in the mixer if you made a big batch. Once well mixed, sprinkle a generous layer on the apples and in a 350* oven it goes. I leave this until the apples get soft and the top is brown. About 35-45 minutes.

Call to action

What is that funny blue dot? It is not paint spilled on the floor. It is something to watch out and be mindful of when in the warehouse. It came up behind me when I was snapping a photo of the Brown Turkey Figs (24197-12 pint). It is a blue safety light that shine down about 10 feet behind all the forklifts. It is my “get out of the way” light. That is when I jumped out of the way and saw the Brown Turkey Figs on the rack. Nothing beats a fresh fig. Did you know there are two seasons for the Brown Turkey Fig which bears a first crop, called the breba crop, in the spring on last season's growth. The second crop is born in the fall on the new growth and is known as the main crop. Figs are botanically an inverted flower. Each fig is not a single fruit, but nearly fifteen hundred tiny fruits. 

Call to action