We pride ourselves in being a people-first company.

You can see it in the heartfelt way we connect with our customers, local communities, and each other. It is this connection that drives us to support local food banks through donations of our time and fresh produce. We also contribute to educational programs that aim to improve nutritional well being .


The way we see it, whether you work for us, partner with us, or simply share our neighborhood, you're an important part of our family. And we'll make sure you have a chance to reach your full potential. Because that's what families do.                    

Friends of the Children

Friends of the Children is a Portland-based nonprofit that provides long-term, one-on-one professional mentoring (a Friend) to children facing the greatest systemic obstacles. Their unique and revolutionary approach focuses on building consistent relationships, providing academic support, and empowering personal growth. Friends help youth to develop life skills, make healthy choices, and explore their talents and interests through meaningful experiences. 

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Raphael House

Located in Portland, Oregon, Raphael House is a nonprofit organization that offers emergency refuge and support services to victims of domestic violence and their families. Since its inception in 1977, Raphael House has been committed to assisting those harmed by domestic abuse by giving them a safe and secure environment, enabling them to reclaim their freedom, and supporting them as they recover and begin to live again. They offer a wide range of services, including community outreach and education, advocacy, support groups, and emergency shelter. 

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LEAP is an immersive wilderness program that supports people affected by health issues, emotional distress and socioeconomic adversity. 


Their five-day whitewater kayaking trips on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho and the Lower Deschutes River in Oregon create opportunities for healing and growth by connecting individuals to nature and to each other. 

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St. Andrew Nativity School

St. Andrew Nativity School is Oregon's only tuition free, private middle school for low-income students. Located in NE Portland, Nativity School draws students of all faiths from around the Portland area. The school provides a challenging education and values centric curriculum. Small class sizes allow for individualized attention to raise students' learning by as much as five grade levels in three years. 96% of Nativity School students go on to graduate from high school and 80% go on to attend college. 

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Blanchet House

Blanchet House is a nonprofit social services organization located in Old Town Portland. They make a difference, one relationship at a time, through food, clothing, and supportive housing programs. They serve anyone who comes to our doors without judgment because they believe everyone deserves dignity, hope, and community. 


They have a meal program where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days a week in the Founders Café. Nutritious hot meals are compassionately served by volunteers. Pacific Coast Fresh Company donates food items to this organization at no cost. In 2022, PCF donated nearly 12,000 cases of food. 


Pacific Coast Fresh Company won the 2023 Al Riley Award for our continued produce donations and workforce support by hiring men in the Blanchet House residential program.  

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Catholic Charities

Since their founding in 1933 during the Great Depression that shook the globe, Catholic Charities of Oregon has been a trusted ally of the most poor and marginalized, and a leader in finding innovative solutions to poverty and injustice. Their mission is to ensure that essential, life-saving services and support are accessible to the most vulnerable Oregonians.  


As hunger and poverty in Oregon continue to rise, the Catholic Charities Food Services program partners with local organizations to provide hot meals for those who are unsheltered and offers its own culinary workforce development training to help those experiencing barriers to employment regain their self-sufficiency and stability. 


Pacific Coast Fresh Company donates food items to this organization at no cost. 

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The Clothing Closet

The Clothing Closet is a place where employees can donate and/or receive gently used or new clothing. PCF initiated this program to foster a sense of family within the organization which now employs nearly 500 employees. 

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Gleaners of Clackamas

Gleaners of Clackamas County, Inc. (GCCI) is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that collects and distributes food and nonfood items to limited income, elderly, and disabled residents of Clackamas County. 


Pacific Coast Fresh Company donates food items to this organization at no cost. In 2022, PCF donated 35,000 cases of food.  

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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels meets the social and nutritional needs of older adults in the Northwest Oregon community. They serve delicious and nutritious meals to dozens of dining centers in Multnomah, Washington and Clark counties and volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels and friendly visits to homebound elderly.  


Pacific Coast Fresh Company has been delivering fresh produce to their Portland location for several decades.  

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Northwest Harvest

Northwest Harvest supports over 300 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools in Washington state. Focused on improving equity in our food system, Northwest Harvest believes that food should be available, accessible, adequate, and appropriate to all people.  


Pacific Coast Fresh Company provides reduced priced produce to greater Seattle food banks and Northwest Harvest’s SODO Community Market, a no-cost grocery store that provides fresh produce, grocery staples, and a variety of healthy food options.  

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Oregon Foodbank

The Oregon Foodbank provides access to nutritious food for all. They collect and distribute food across Oregon and Southwest Washington, helping ensure free food is available to everyone experiencing food insecurity — especially those disproportionately harmed by unfair systems rooted in racism, classism and sexism. 


Pacific Coast Fresh Company donates food items to this organization at no cost. 


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Praisealujah Food Distribution Center

Praisealujah Distribution Center’s motto is “If you are hungry – we will feed you.” This 501c3 non-profit organization in Washington is a treatment facility that is designed to assist men and women who are struggling with opioid, fentanyl, and other substance abuse. They provide food for their attendees and anyone else who stops by. They serve everyone, no questions asked.  


Pacific Coast Fresh Company donates food to the Praisealujah Food Distribution Center on a regular basis. Pacific Coast Fresh Company has been delivering fresh produce to their Portland location for several decades.  

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The Wave

The Wave is a coalition of stakeholders who collaborate to accelerate environmental programs that address climate change, youth engagement, and environmental justice. 


Pacific Coast Fresh Company has been working with The Wave for the past few years, specifically as part of their Equity & Climate Marketplace Initiative. This initiative empowers a more just, resilient, and self-sustaining food system by connecting rural women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) food producers and entrepreneurs to business support, supply chains, and buyers.   


As an active partner, we design and create weekly food boxes with culturally appropriate components, such as native caught or grown items. Our work with The Wave enables us to work with and support local Tribal and BIPOC communities.   

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We Feed WA Program

The We Feed WA Program started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to provide emergency food for people experiencing hunger through partnerships with local or regional food producers, farmers and ranchers, processors and distributors, and hunger relief organizations, that serve socially disadvantaged communities. 

Pacific Coast Fresh Company designs the rotating box menus, sources the products, builds the boxes, and distributes to a network of 501c3 partners who hand out the boxes to the end recipient.  


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