PCF Family

Nathir Nawras

Nathir joined PCF in 2005 and has earned the respect of customers, team members, and leadership. In addition to being a great driver, Nathir is a great recruiter - at one time, he had 6 family members working at PCF.

Erik Serrano

"Four members of our family have worked at PCF.  My dad referred me back in 2013 and I referred both my younger and older brothers a few years later."

Bill LaMora

Bill joined PCF in 1994, starting in the warehouse before working in Will Call, as a Buyer, and now as a Senior Buyer. His brother Dave joined the company in 2004 in the Information Services Department. Brother Terry and Bill's three sons have also worked at PCF. 

Dave LaMora

"I have always liked being a part of a successful team, where I can count on the strengths of others, and they can count on mine."

Mark Brooks

"When our Company owners say, "we are a family business," they mean it! It says a lot when you have so many employees that have been with PCF for ten-plus years, and even more impressive that those same employees bring their family members to work at PCF!  I must admit, my favorite thing about working at PCF is being able to work with my wife, Maggi Brooks (Senior Director of Retail) I am sure if you ask her, she would say the same…….Well maybe not!" 

Our PCF family exemplifies our company characteristics of being down-to-earth, nimble, caring, reliable and upbeat. This creates the amazing culture that drives our success.

- Nancy Brugato, Co-Owner

Family BBQs

Hard work is what we do, but when the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest we like to have a little fun too. Our beloved Family BBQs is a time for our PCF family to join together around the lunch or dinner time and enjoy each other's company!

Industry Events

We are committed to building the best talent with the highest level of industry knowledge to support our local customers in the Northwest.

Office Fun

We strive to always build a place where we all feel we belong.

National Watermelon Day

There is a reason we show up to work each and every day with a smile on our face, becuase when it comes down to it we all love the product we sell. To honor this love, we find ways to celebrate our delicious produce like offering free watermelons to employees on National Watermelon Day.

Giving Back

We believe food is medicine and no matter what your circumstance is, you have a human right to fresh and healthy foods. To give back to the communities that we have called home for many decades, we partner with a number of organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.