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Superstar Produce

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Superstar Produce was founded in January 2004 by Travis Andre Ross, an ambitious 22-year-old with a passion for quality produce and exceptional customer service. With three years of experience at a sweet potato company under his belt, Travis launched Superstar Produce, drawing from his industry knowledge and determination.

Travis's philosophy is straightforward: to deliver top-quality, locally grown sweet potatoes from Livingston, California, renowned for its ideal sandy soil and hot climate. Starting out was challenging, but Travis focused on perfecting his farming logistics and earning the trust of customers who rely on his products to feed others. Today, Superstar Produce thrives thanks to its dedicated work family and the opportunities afforded by the produce industry. We specialize in growing and packing premium sweet potatoes—nothing more, nothing less. Join us in savoring the best of Livingston's harvest!

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