Pacific Coast Fruit Company Acquires King Harvest Hummus; David Nemarnik and Twyla Beckner Detail

Deli Market News - June 23, 2023

Pacific Coast Fruit Company recently closed on the acquisition of King Harvest Hummus. King Harvest’s expertise in food manufacturing and Pacific Coast Fruit Company’s distribution capabilities set the stage for future growth and opportunities.

“For many years, we’ve been impressed with King Harvest Hummus and the reputation the company has earned for great people, dedicated service to customers, and quality products,” said David Nemarnik, Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Coast Fruit Company. “We’re excited about the future of both brands and the opportunities that lie ahead as we begin to work together.”

Portland, Oregon-based King Harvest Hummus is a producer that also operates a drive-thru at its manufacturing and wholesale facility on Morrison Street. With an existing distribution operation out of Oregon, King Harvest Hummus is a long-standing locally owned business built on the values of quality products, honesty, and customer loyalty. These shared values with Pacific Coast Fruit Co. made the blending of the two companies a natural fit.

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