Owyhee Produce

About Owyhee Produce

Owyhee Produce is a third generation strong family farm on the Oregon Idaho border in Parma, ID. It started in 1954 when founder Owen Froerer returned from serving in the Korean war. They started with rented ground and equipment and worked hard to help the company grow into what they are now. They still value business by word, a firm handshake or by contract. They do their best to provide quality service and products that their family is proud to stand behind.

They offer a variety of packaged commodities including many specialty crops aside from onions, including asparagus, watermelon, mint oil, and are always looking for knocking opportunities.

Farm Highlights

  • Main Commodity: Vegetable
  • Specialties: Onions, Asparagus, Watermellon
  • Website: owyheeproduce.com
  • Location: Parma, ID